Retail Outlets

You can now pick up Wise Sons bagels, breads, pastries and other treats from retailers throughout the Bay Area! Can’t make it to one of our deli, bagel shop or farmers’ market locations? Find Wise Sons favorites at these local markets:

You can also have our products delivered by Good Eggs (along with groceries from other local foodmakers) — click here to receive $20 off your first order!

Find Us at the following locations:

Woodlands Market Tiburon
Woodlands Market Kentfield
Woodlands Market San Francisco
Whole Foods Market Franklin
The Market on Market
Rainbow Grocery Cooperative
Bi-Rite Market 18th Street
Gus's Community Market Haight Street
Gus's Community Market Noriega Produce
Whole Foods Market Potrero
Whole Foods Market Noe
Whole Foods Market Ocean