Beauty's Bagel Shop

Beauty’s Bagel Shop

In 2009, Blake Joffe and Amy Remsen moved to Oakland from Philadelphia on a whim, in search of a new city to call home. They fell in love immediately with the friendly people, beautiful landscapes, and amazing food. There was just one thing they found themselves longing for (aside from warm summer nights): amazing bagels! Armed with their culinary experience, love of food, and desire to work together, they decided to open their own bagel shop and bring old-school, traditional bagels to the Bay Area.

The Beauty’s – Wise Sons relationship goes back over 10 years, to the beginning of each of their foundings as roving popups, where they helped refine each other’s business models and recipes. The two businesses have been intrinsically linked ever since, and in the summer of 2020, Blake, Amy, & the Beauty’s Bagel Shop Team joined the Wise Sons Family. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is the ownership structure going to change?
A: Wise Sons and Beauty’s will remain family-run / The founders of both restaurants (Evan, Blake, and Amy) will remain an integral part of the everyday business.

Q: Why is this happening?
A: Honestly, it feels a little inevitable that we’re coming together now. For years, we’ve supported each other in a variety of ways, so this is just making it formal. In doing so, we think we can take better advantage of the different strengths and culinary perspectives each business has, which means a better experience for our customers.

Another aspect of this is that running a small business is hard under normal circumstances! With COVID-19 to contend with, we think that this partnership will make our overall business more resilient. It’s hard to predict what’s ahead, we just know it’s going to be tough for a while for all of us. We see the strain on our family and our employees. We think this is the best way to facilitate growth for ourselves as well as our staff.

Q: Will both Beauty’s locations remain as they are?
A: Beauty’s in Temescal is going to remain Beauty’s, forever. Our Downtown location, though, is likely to become our first test store for a combined concept. Given that our Downtown menu was designed for a working crowd who’s now spending most of their time at home, we’re excited to try some new things as we invent the new concept.

Q: Will the menu change?
A: For the most part, we’re keeping a lot of the same menu items on both sides of the Bay but adding more, such as pastrami and latkes at Beauty’s or salt & pepper bagels at Wise Sons. In some cases, though, we are going to be making changes. One of the biggest changes we’re already working on is with our bagels… in addition to working on a singular bagel for both brands, we’re hoping for more efficiency and ease of production during these unprecedented times. We can’t wait to share our new bagel (which will be based on a cold-retarded dough, for the baking nerds out there) recipe once it’s ready. This is a step we couldn’t have taken without our combined knowledge, and we’re incredibly excited by what’s to come.

Q: When is this all happening?
A: Everything is already underway (including the construction you might have seen), so it’s official already! Our Temescal location is back open, so swing through any time. Our downtown location will re-launch in September.