Lev Catering


From vibrant wraps and rice bowls to fresh salads and family meals, LEV draws on Middle Eastern and Mediterranean flavors to craft bright and healthy dishes conveniently packaged for home and office dining.

Order in advance to guarantee availability: call or email, or visit our online Marketplace to start the process. Last-minute orders subject to availability, visit or call one of our locations to inquire about pick-up within 48-hours.

Please allow 24-hours for processing orders. Your order is only confirmed once you have e-signed and paid the quote provided by our team.

Questions? Email catering@wisesonsdeli.com or call (415) 992-NOSH — and be sure to check out our catering FAQs.

About LEV

LEV’s culinary approach is inspired by the numerous cultures that have resided in or passed through the Levant. Comprising the intersection of Europe, Asia & Africa, the Levant has historically acted as a melting pot where language, dress and food from diverse cultures have influenced one another.

Recognizing that California represents a modern version of a cultural melting pot, LEV strives to integrate the influence of Levantine cuisine with Californian flavors and ingredients.